Procedure for the renewal of a money lending license in Lagos State

Procedure for the renewal of a money lending license in Lagos State

September 20, 2021

The Money Lenders License granted in Lagos to lenders is only for a period of one year. Each License is usually valid until the 31stof December each year hence the lender has to renew their lenders license every January.

The procedure required to renew a lenders license in Lagos is almost similar with the procedure for obtaining a lenders license in the first instance. The steps to obtain a lenders license includes;

  1. Obtaining of Magistrate Court Form A and B
  2. Payment of the renewal fee of N100, 000 to the Lagos State Ministry of Home Affairs.
  3. Application for the renewal of Lenders license addressed to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs Lagos and submission of all necessary documents including a copy of the previous issued License.
  4. Inspection of the Lender’s office by the officers for the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  5. Verification of all documents tendered.

After the inspection, the application is reviewed by the Ministry and a renewal granted if the Ministry is satisfied that all the requirements have been fulfilled.


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