How to dissolve a non-profit organization in Nigeria

How to dissolve a non-profit organization in Nigeria

October 12, 2021

Non-profit Organisations registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria can only be dissolved by a court of competent jurisdiction. This can be done through a petition.

A petition is a formal request seeking an order from the court and in this instance a petition is a request to the court for an order to dissolve a Non-profit Organisation.

All persons who might be affected by the dissolution of the Non-profit organisation must be kept on notice on the decision to dissolve the organisation.

Where the application for the dissolution of a Non-profit Organisation is granted, the assets of the organisation after all debts and liabilities have been settled would be transferred to an association with similar objectives agreed by members. This is because a non-profit organisation is not in the business of making profit but to carry out charitable deeds so no individual can lay a claim on the property of a non-profit organisation even if he was the donor.

Accordingly, persons who can apply for the dissolution of the organisation are the governing body or council, one or more trustees, members of the organisation constituting at least 50 percent and the commission itself.

These are the grounds upon which an association can be dissolved in Nigeria;

  1. Where the objective of the organisation formed has been fulfilled or carried out, they can apply for dissolution of the association.
  2. Where the organisation was formed to exist for a specific period of time.
  3. A situation where the objectives of the organisation contravenes public opinion or has been illegal by means of a new law or by public policy.
  4. Where it is just and equitable to dissolve the association
  5. Where the commission has withdrawn or revoked the Certificate of incorporation.


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Frequently Asked

  • Why must I file Annual Returns?

    It is a mandatory statutory requirement under the Companies and Allied Matters Act to file Annual Returns yearly. 

  • Do I need a Company Secretary?

    A limited liability company (LLC) must not have a company secretary.

  • What is a testimonium clause in an agreement?

    This is the part of the agreement where the witness attests to have witnessed the execution of the agreement.

  • When can I start renewal of the registration of my product(s) with NAFDAC?

    You can start renewal 6 months to the date of expiry.

  • What is data protection?

    Data protection is a legal process of protecting sensitive data.

  • What is the importance of registering a patent?

    The main reason to register a patent is to ensure that the inventor is able to exclusively commercially exploit an invention. The rights to a patent are vested in the “Statutory Inventor” i.e. the first person to file and register the patent.

  • Do I have to physically drop off my product sample at NAFDAC office?

    No, you can choose to have it sent to NAFDAC office

  • How many shareholders do I need to start a company?

    A minimum of one (1) adult shareholder is required to form a company.

  • What do I need for a trademark search in Nigeria?

    To do a trademark search you will need the name or/and logo (device) of the trademark to be searched and the Class of the trademark that accurately describes it.

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